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Read the CII Strategic Plan and Annual Report

The Leadership Council of the Community Investment Initiative adopted a three-year comprehensive regional strategy in June 2012 that focuses on the challenges to our region’s economy and assesses the investments most likely to deliver the greatest benefits region-wide. In October 2013, they released a set of recommendations for a prosperous economy in their annual report. Read the strategic plan and annual report.

Public-private partnerships key to economic revitalization

“Twenty-first century cities are about how we tie together the traditional and innovative through public-private partnerships,” said Tom Murphy in a recent presentation to the Leadership Council and an audience of the region’s most active leaders from the public, community and business sectors.

Discover the lessons this Senior Resident Fellow at the Urban Land Institute and former three-term mayor of Pittsburgh shared with regional leaders. View Tom Murphy’s presentation to the Leadership Council and regional leaders.

Unveiling a new way to fund infrastructure

7:30 to 9 a.m.
Wednesday, May 22
Marriott Residence Inn
Portland North Harbor
1250 North Anchor Way
$30 CCA members/$40 non-members

Join Leadership Council member John Carter and co-chair Tom Imeson for a presentation and Q&A on how the CII is developing new methods to fund the infrastructure our communities need to prosper. Moderated by Corky Collier, Leadership Council member and executive director of the Columbia Corridor Association. Contact for reservations.


New jobs, thriving communities and a resilient regional economy. The momentum is growing for a new partnership in the Portland metropolitan region that brings together the best in business, community and public leadership.

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Imagine a community where…

… a living-wage job is available for every member of the region’s labor force. Our regional economy is stable, robust and resilient. And our innovative approach to investing in infrastructure, transportation systems, 21st century school facilities and development-ready communities positions our region as a global competitor.

The Community Investment Initiative is a partnership of public, business and community leaders working together to support the creation of living-wage jobs now and in the future, and generate economic prosperity that is widely shared among our region’s residents.

By taking a regional view, the Community Investment Initiative can support and complement local efforts to prepare our region for prosperity. The CII’s unique approach makes the most of existing investment, and ensures our region’s workforce is prepared for a 21st century.